House of plague

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With Rachael beginning kindergarten, it was only a matter of time before she brought home disease. Mike seems to be the only one who hasn’t caught this cold. The three of us girls have sore throats and congestion. Both Rachael and Zoë have attempted hacking up lungs.
So I’m spending the day attempting to rid our house of germs and general grodiness. I wish I could just set off a bleach bomb, like one sets off bug bombs. But Mike informed me that it would kill us. Typical Mike; always squashing my brilliant ideas with facts and reasonableness.

Have you ever started your regular cleaning routine, only to suddenly discover that you didn’t scrub in the right areas before or wipe down things often enough? Today I discovered that my walls were covered in dust. Not just a little bit. We’re talking abandoned haunted house levels. It took two Swiffer pads just to clean the walls in my bedroom and bathroom. It may be the grossest thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen placenta! I mean, how could I not have noticed this before? I’m not the best of housekeepers, between the fibro and general laziness and procrastination, but come on! I need to find some way to invent a Roomba for walls. I’m sure, like all my other brilliant ideas, it’s already been done or would cause accidental slaughter. *sigh*

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