I don’t hide dead cats in a crawl space

Art by MegBeth

Have you ever walked into your house and, even though you’re alone say, Phew, what the hell stinks? After eliminating Grand Moff Tarkin, you realize the trash needs to go out and the dishes you haven’t done since yesterday need to be done. So you do that, and you light a candle. And after that you think, Much better. And then one of your child’s kindergarten friends and his mom show up to ask if your child can play, and you don’t want to be rude while they wait for you to get ready, so you ask them in. And then you have a perfectly lovely time at the playground. And then you come inside and say out loud, Phew! What the hell stinks? And then you realize that if you’re smelling it now, the friend’s mom must have smelled it when she was inside your sewer smelling home. And you kinda want to clean your house and make sure it smells “poppin’ fresh” and then go over to their house and ask them to come over, just so they can smell your house again and know that you’re not working on a composting pile in your kitchen or hiding the remains of some dead cats in your crawl space?

Me either.

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