Victory, like pumpkin pie, is sweet

My friend, Trish, has a problem. She wants to make pumpkin pie. But her husband, Nick, has declared it too early for pumpkin pie and will not have anything to do with it right now. This would leave Trish and their daughter to eat all the pie, which is not something she wants to do. So we conversed on Facebook on making small pies to make making and eating pie more manageable. Several hours later, Nick decided to weigh in. Presented, without comment…

Nick: Pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie, everybody loves some pumpkin pie!

Nick: Oh, an NO PUMPKIN PIE GREENLIGHT! I am the man. I wear the pants! THE PANTS!

Nick: Oh wait….Trish has pants on too

Trish: *eyebrow raise* I hope those pants of yours will keep you warm on the couch tonight, Man.

Nick: My dear woman. I fear not the couch! It is comfortable and brown.

Trish: Just like the pumpkin pie that I’ll be making tomorrow.

Trish: *gauntlet thrown*

Nick: *Hmmmmm…..this reminds me of the battle of Lutzen, where the Russians and Prussians made contact with he French, Napoleon lured them in by exposing Ney’s corps so that he could smash into their flank with the Imperial Guard. That is a dork’s way of saying….It’s a trap! Best to play it safe, man with pants*

Nick: Pumpkin pie away!

Trish: That’s probably the most entertaining way I’ve heard you say “yes, dear” in quite some time.

Nick: Never fight a land war in Asia, and never try to out snark a Slytherin.

Nick blogs over at Miscellaneous Marickovich

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