Snow Day

Today is a stark contrast to the day we had yesterday. A mild, sunny day in the upper 50’s coaxed the girls and me out to a local farm and park. The girls peeked at peacocks, snorted at pigs, and bleated at goats. We tiptoed through muddy sludge to get a closer look at the turkeys and roosters. An adorable calf with big brown eyes came to the fence to sniff us and give a friend’s hand kisses.

Doing her best Peppa Pig impression, jumping in muddy puddles. She was in heaven!

Photo filters automatically make pictures deep and meaningful.

But that was yesterday. Today, school has been cancelled in anticipation of a bad snow storm.

* * * * * * *

That’s where I left off yesterday. I couldn’t finish the blog post because I moved my neck every so slightly and my neck and back thought it appropriate to retaliate for such a heinous infraction. Fortunately, Mike was working from home and was able to take care of me. As a consolation prize, I was able to spend the day watching two seasons of Sherlock. Holy shit is everyone in that show brilliant!

Cuteness captured before throwing out my back. They were watching the fairy snow.

Last week I visited my rheumatologist to follow up on my blood work and how the new drugs were doing. For the first time since the medical community decided to pimp vitamin D, my vitamin D levels were awesome. (It has been helpful for energy.) But after 5 million different thyroid tests, my body finally decided to show its hand a little. My levels were as low as they could possibly get and still be within normal range. So it’s possible that I’ll be adding that fun thing into the mix. We’ll know more when we re-test it in 3 months.
It would completely make sense if I did have an under active thyroid. It runs in my family. I also had a few days last week where the fatigue was so bad I couldn’t function.
And for those of you who have never experienced overpowering fatigue, try this:
Try to perform a simple task, say, brushing your hair. Ah, but first, place 20 pound sandbags on each shoulder, clamp 10 pound weights onto each wrist, stand in dry sand, and replace your legs with jelly. Go! Not your thing? Another one you might try is taking a dose of Vicodin and then try to read a book to your child without falling asleep mid sentence.
I also learned that thinning eyebrows is symptomatic of hypothyroidism, (only the descending half of each eyebrow seems to be aware of this.) Sensitivity to cold? Only when it’s below 74 degrees in the house and I’m not bundled up with socks and a blanket. (You know I’m miserably cold if I’m wearing socks. My feet like to free ball it.)
All the lovely problems I’ve had with painful periods and my uterus holding onto tissue like a fucking hoarder.
What is a symptom of hypothyroidism? ……I’ll take “Potpourri” for 500, Alex.

So we’ll see. My money is on it coming back normal again, because that’s how my body likes to play poker. It’s devilishly good at bluffing.

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