New information on the fun run


Rachael just informed me that her class has incentives to raise money now. If they get a certain amount, they get lunch in the classroom, free choice time, and “other fun things”. While I understand incentivizing behavior, it seems very unfair. They will effectively be punished if they are unable to come up with the money, something that’s really out of their control. I guess it’s the secret message to get the parents to get out on the street and sell it so baby gets what she needs.

2 thoughts on “New information on the fun run

  1. Daniel’s school did a Fun Run in the fall instead of a sale and it went pretty well. There was no incentivizing. They all got t shirts and ran whether they got pledges or not. You could pledge per lap or just give a flat donation, and there was a max number of laps they could run. It was actually done well, and it was much nicer than buying expensive crap.

    • I’d be willing to bet that yours was run by the same organization as ours. That’s exactly how ours is, only there is incentivizing. The fun run doesn’t bother me. Having it be something other than pure fun for the kids and just letting the adults worry about the money does.

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