That’s got spam in it!

This past weekend, we Americans celebrated the 238th anniversary of screaming, You’re not the boss of me!, at King George. To my fellow compatriots, I hope you had a wonderful long weekend of the things that seem to bind us together: cookouts, beer, and shiny, sparkly things that go boom. To my British readers…….it’s only awkward if we let it be awkward.

I have several different blog posts outlined in my notes app, but I have waaaaay to many things I’m ignoring right now that I need to get done this week. So, for now, I’ll just spam you with a few pictures and videos from our 4th weekend.

We visited Mike’s family in Greensboro, NC, site of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. The Battleground Park is literally right next door to his parents’ neighborhood, so we had an opportunity to walk through the extensive park, visit some encampment reenactors, and periodically hear cannon blasts throughout the weekend. It was fun to visit the encampment. There was one little girl, just a little older than Rachael, who was so excited to see little girls coming to visit. She was delighted to lead us around, show us her tent, and answer questions.

We also visited the nearby Science Center and Aquarium. The aquarium is a recent addition. It’s small, but well done. They have a bubble in the otter exhibit that allows you to be inside of it. It was super adorable to watch the baby otters crawl all over the bubble, trying to figure out the weird heads in their space.
The aquarium, along with the decent sized zoo in the back, is home to a couple of animals I need now that I’ve seen them.

Fishing cat. Not only is it adorable, it could bring you dinner!

A baby gibbon. IT’S SO FLUFFY! And, it has more strength in one of its fingers than I have in my entire body.

While it is home to cute, fluffy things, it’s also a place where one may be confronted with hard truths that make you giggle like a 12 year old in public.

In my defense, I was not the only one filming tortoise porn that day.

Later that evening, we grilled burgers and then took girls to see their very first live firework display. The girls were so thrilled, and the fireworks did not disappoint. We all did the proper ooohing and ahhhing. Zoë breathlessly stated the obvious, “This is amazing!” while Rachael got all philosophical with, “Fireworks could not replace the beauty in this girl.” Mike and I were rewarded with a burst that was shaped like a cowboy hat.


By Saturday, the fibro had caught up to me and was making me its bitch. I could barely walk with feet that felt like it had broke bones and leg muscles tight enough that you could bounce a quarter off of them. But I went ahead and soldiered through to the Children’s Museum. I was in misery, but little moments like these make it all worth it.


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