Tell Tales: A great game for spoonies and their kids


Rachael has always liked making up stories. Lately, Zoë has fallen in love with it, too. In particular, she has become enamored with fairy tales ever since Mike made up a story for her one night before bed. Princess Zoë not only saved Prince Stuart from the dragon, also named Stuart, she also engaged in diplomacy with extremely large beavers whose dam was preventing water from getting to her palace garden.

So I’m glad that we gave Rachael Blue Orange’s Tell Tale Fairy Tales game for Christmas. The girls are able to make up stories based on the pictures: a pirate ship; a fire-breathing dragon; a magic carpet; a woodland cottage, just to name a few. They can sit quietly and insert themselves into their own traditional fairy tale. Or they can play together, layering pieces of the story on top of one another, making each and every story unique.

What’s great about this game is that it’s also an easy game for us spoonie parents to play with our kids. All it really requires is that you be conscious and are able to open your eyes long enough to see which card you have to play next. Yesterday I laid on the couch while Zoë and Rachael sat across the table, and we wove fun, quirky stories together. I loved hearing their imaginations at work. It was wonderful for them to be excited about something other than tv and that I was able to engage with them without having to exert energy I didn’t have. I always feel guilty for having to say I can’t when they ask me to play. Fortunately, with this game, I won’t have to say no nearly so often.

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