I Will Survive.  Hey…..  Hey. 

Life is chaotic right now. I spent half a day scheduling all manner of doctor appointments- pain management, endocrinologist, occupational therapy, etc. 

Rachael was tested for ADHD. The test results weren’t totally conclusive.  She’s basically on the cusp, but they want to rule out, (or in) fine motor control issues, masquerading as an attention deficit, before a final diagnosis is made. 

Meanwhile, Zoë’s behavior has regressed at home and at preschool. I finally broke down and bought books on how to parent “spirited” children.  Don’t you just the PC term for “They’ve lost their fucking minds!”  Family therapy is also on the table. We need to figure out how discipline her with results and how to function better as a family unit.  

Then there’s the kitchen. I’ve been wanting to give it a face lift for a long time. I won’t go into the sordid details; suffice it to say, Mike and I have been engaged in a war of attrition, alternating with detente.  A peace accord has been signed, giving me the rights to paint our cabinets, and putting the ugly Formica countertops off for now. 

So I’ll probably be absent for a little while, but I haven’t forgotten about all of you. Have this meme I created from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt until then. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

5 thoughts on “I Will Survive.  Hey…..  Hey. 

  1. Ahhh, those memorable family moments we all love! My son has severe anxiety after a really bad case of strep throat made him feel like he was choking in 3rd grade. The process of figuring out what the hell was wrong with him while simultaneously trying to get a diagnosis and pain relief for herniated discs in my neck was just magical! My hubby and I argued about what was wrong with him and what was wrong with me. Ugh, you will survive and it will be soooo much better on the other side!
    Praying you get some peace (and mind) soon! Seriously, I’ve been there and it sucks! My son was also diagnosed with ADHD, but his is definitely an attention/focus thing. My hubby and I argued about that too! I “won” and our son is doing much better with meds for both problems. His anxiety fluctuates though.
    TMI??? lol Sorry, I’m trying to help (vent) in some way!

    • No, not TMI. Thanks for sharing.
      We’ve been on the lookout for Rachael and ADHD for awhile. Mike has a rough attention deficit, although he’s mostly able to compensate. All of a sudden, she began having difficulty sitting still and completing her work in 1st grade. And it’s certainly not because of an IQ problem. Whatever is going on, we want to nip it in the butt now, rather than have her suffer unnecessarily.

  2. I hope you can get answers and help for Rachel. Each of my sons have a friend with ADD and they both went through such hard times with school work, although it seems to be better now that they are in high school. And as for the “spirited” child, I had one of those too. His terrible twos started when he was 9 months old and lasted until he was 7 or 8. It’s hard and so exhausting!

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