A Spoonie Does Disney: Part 1


Last week I got what I’ve needed for a very long time: a vacation. Mike had a conference for work down in Orlando, so I tagged along. The plan was that Mike would do his conference thing, I would do my sleep in as late as I wanted, order room service, get a massage, and adopt an almost monk-like vow of silence thing, and then we’d hit the Disney parks on Friday and Saturday. As I prepared for the trip, I wasn’t quite sure how I would handle Disney as a spoonie and what sort of accommodations Disney would provide, should I need them. Now that I know, I thought I would share them with the rest of my fellow spoonies.

On Tuesday afternoon we left our loud, needy, and whiny quiet, well-behaved, lovely children in the capable hands of Mike’s dad and my mother and flew down. The Disney Yacht Club Resort was one of the hotels that the company who put on the conference contracted with, so we decided to stay on property there. Because we stayed on property, we were able to ride on the Disney Magical Express from the airport to our hotel and Disney took care of picking up our luggage and delivering it to our hotel room. As a spoonie who had just had a really uncomfortable flight and wanted nothing to do with lugging heavy bags around, this was a fabulous free service. It did take longer for us to get to our room and for our bags to arrive than we had hoped. Fortunately, we were prepared and had packed a change of clothes in our carry ons so we were dressed appropriately for our dinner reservation at The Yachtsman steakhouse.

Once we stepped into our room, (and I flopped on our bed) I knew I was going to be really comfortable in the coming week. The bed was soft, but firm, and I had access to several pillows, as we ended up having two queen beds in our room. My only real complaint was that there wasn’t really an accessible outlet to plug my heating pad into while laying in bed. Our room overlooked a lawn and small gazebo that was used for weddings. Across the lawn was the lake and dock where boats ferried visitors across the way to the Boardwalk and to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios.
It’s impossible to wake to a sunrise like this and not feel peaceful.

Serenity Now
With the exception of some busy times in the lobby, I never felt overwhelmed by people or noise. Even their expansive pool never felt crowded, nor filled with too many sounds of screeching children. If part of your exercise routine, as someone with chronic pain, is swimming, you’ll definitely be able to do that here. Actually, there are two pools: the large Stormalong Bay and the smaller and more secluded Admiral’s Pool. Dotted around the pools were one of my favorite features, the hot spas. For me, the hot water and water jets were perfect for relaxing my muscles. (Especially after Mike talked me into swimming in the pool one night when it was only in the 60s. I may have waddled quickly to my towel mumbling, Coldcoldcoldcoldcoldcold, a la Anna after tumbling into the stream in Frozen.)
Located at the pool was quick service food and a fully stocked bar, so I didn’t have to go far to have a yummy lunch and scrumptious adult frozen drink. Any spoonie knows that, the less energy you expend, the better. It was nice to not have to leave the pool, go to my room and get dressed, and then find some lunch that was worth eating.
My view as I ate my lunch.

Other peaceful places…and a Mai Tai.

The post was getting too long, so I’ve broken it up into 5 parts. More A Spoonie Does Disney to follow, including my thoughts on food, services, and accessibility and mobility to follow.